“Gift Letter”

…What happened to the gift letter?…

Anne F., Santa Rosa, CA

What Anne is referring to is the hint, or “gimme letter”, that we provided at the back of the book for each puzzle in our first book, Never Play Leapfrog with a Unicorn.  And she has a very good suggestion.

Accordingly we are instituting, immediately, the following policy for this blog:

For our prize puzzles, we will not initially provide a hint.  However, after about one week, whether there has been a winner or not, we will then post a hint.  (So, if you have been unable to solve a prize puzzle and no winner has been announced, you may want to check back for the hint.  We have now posted a hint for our first prize puzzle, which was clearly too dificulty without hint.)

For our other puzzles, we will post the hint with the original posting of the puzzle.

Again, use of the hints is optional, and they will be found on a separate page, “Optional Puzzle Hints.”

Thanks, Anne, for the suggestion.

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