Thanks for Your Interest; Now We Need Your Help

Thank you for following this blog.  We greatly appreciate your interest in in Quip-Find(TM) puzzles and the Quipto(R) concept that underlies them.

As we are contemplating the launch of a Quip-Find app for the iPad and the submission of Quip-Find puzzles to an established word-puzzle publisher, we would like to enlist your help.  How can you be of assistance?

* Go to and post a review of our latest book of puzzles.  Reviews are valuable in promoting sales of the book and in providing potential blurbs for future books.

* Buy our puzzle books — for yourself and/or for friends and relatives who might enjoy this new kind of word puzzle.  Here are the links:

Go to

Go to

* Spread the word to your friends and relatives who have not yet discovered Quip-Find puzzles, whether by Facebook or by email or word of mouth.

Thanks so much for your help.

(Because of the proliferation of robo-posts on blogs like ours — apparently by commercial entities trying to raise their scores on Google, etc. — we have suspended the feedback feature of the blog.  Please feel free, however, to contact us directly by email at quipfind at (we resort to this form of the address to prevent our email address from being scooped up by internet robots!).

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