In Memoriam: David Frost


David Frost (1939-2013)

Frost, who died yesterday, will  probably be best remembered as the TV interviewer who got Richard Nixon to apologize for having “let the American people down.”  The answer to today’s two-diagram puzzle is a Frost quote — his definition of a skill that helped to make his interviewing style so effective.

(Note:  Both diagrams involve wraparounds or “hidden adjacencies”:  In Diagram A, A is adjacent to C, and in Diagram B, A is adjacent to V, even though in each case the letters do not appear to be adjacent though they touch on the hidden back side of the Quipto(R) rack.  For an explanation of wraparounds, click on “Instructions for Solving Quip-Find Puzzles” above and see pages 129-130.)

 Diagram A:

Diagram B:


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