Quipto® & Quip-Find™ Update, May 2, 2012


Belated wishes for a happy May Day.

Puzzle of the Month

The Quip-Find™ Puzzle of the Month for May was posted last week on our blog at http://blog.quipfind.com. Jan and I plan to post a new puzzle on the blog, before the first day of each month, for your enjoyment.

The blog now offers Puzzles of the Month for March, April and May.

We invite you to submit a favorite proverb or quotation for consideration to become a Puzzle of the Month; just send your idea to me at quipfind@gmail.com and, if we use your suggestion, we will give you appropriate credit.

Free “Subscription” Opportunity

One new puzzle a month not enough to satisfy your craving for Quip-Find® puzzles?

Watch for a forthcoming email offering a free “subscription” service. The only “cost” to you will be your feedback on how difficult each puzzle was to solve. Just as soon as you send your rating of each puzzle you solve, we will send you a new puzzle by email free of charge.

Again, details to follow.

The Quipto® Game Development Group (QGDG)

There are now 9 individuals/households, from Vermont (5 members) to North Carolina (2 members) to Texas (2 members), who have signed on as members of the QGDG. Most participants received their game sets in March, and the newest participant will receive hers by the end of this week. I will be sending a follow-up email to all QGDG members shortly.

The available game sets involve a paper playing surface that fits over a wooden cube. If and when the game is produced with actual letter cubes that fit into a rack, members of the QGDG who have fulfilled their commitment to help develop the game will receive a “real” game set free of charge in appreciation.

There are still three game sets available free for any additional people who commit to playing the game – solitaire, and with friends – and giving feedback, suggestions as to rules, etc. It should be fun!


On April 24 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued final registration for our trademark Quipto®. (My applications for the trademarks Quip-Find™ and Quip-Bild™ are still pending.)

We will use “Quipto®” for both the game and the puzzles based on the game, and we will use “Quip-Find™” and “Quip-Bild™” to distinguish between the different kinds of Quipto® puzzles.

Future Directions

Jan and I are hard at work on a database of puzzles ready for use in books and other forms. The database is already up to more than a thousand puzzles and growing almost daily.

We are in conversations with an e-publisher about producing a book of Quip-Find™ puzzles to be played on a mobile device.

And, when the database is in slightly more robust form, we plan to approach a newspaper about including a Quipto® Quip-Find™ puzzle as a regular feature.

Finally, in the near future we plan to add the challenging Quipto® Quip-Bild™ puzzles to our website and blog. In Quip-Bild™ puzzles, you become the puzzle builder and try to fit your name or a proverb or quotation or other message onto the Quipto® cube.

Exciting developments! We will keep you informed from time to time of further Quipto® news. In the meantime, please visit our blog (http://blog.quipfind.com) and our website (www.quipfind.com); we welcome your feedback. And you can friend us on Facebook at Quip-Find Puzzles.



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