James Joyce: Bloomsday 110 Years Later

james joyce

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James Joyce (1882-1941)

ulysses cover

Monday will be the 110th anniversary of the original Bloomsday — June 16, 1904.  To mark the occasion, we offer two puzzles featuring quotations from Joyce’s Ulysses.

The quote in the first two-rack puzzle is a fragment of perhaps the single most famous passage in the novel.  The quote in the second two-rack puzzle is less well-known.  Enjoy!

(Note:  Diagram 1-2 involves a wraparound or hidden adjacency:  Even though they do not appear to be adjacent, T is adjacent to D, K is adjacent to G, and P is adjacent to J — in each case, on the hidden back side of the Quipto(R) rack.)


Diagram 1-1:

q 6-14a1q 6-14a2

Diagram 1-2:

q 6-14a3



Diagram 2-1:

q 6-14b1

Diagram 2-2:

q 6-14b2Copyright notice

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