August Puzzle of the Month: A Puzzling Riddle

mystery man

The Mystery Man to whom the riddle question is directed

Our Puzzle of the Month for August is the answer to a riddle – or is it a joke told by Steve Allen?  We don’t know for sure, but, in any case, we hope you haven’t heard it before.

Here’s the riddle: “What is a question whose answer is ‘9W’?”  The answer to this riddle is the answer to our two-diagram puzzle below.  (And. no, the question is not “What is the best route to take as an alternative to the New York Thruway between New York City and Albany?”)

Note that the question is addressed to a famous person in history – the man pictured above.

We usually make our hints optional. However, in this case, we couldn’t resist using our version of the answer to the riddle where (yes, you guessed it!) 9=W.

Diagram 1:

q 08-01a1q 08-01a2

Diagram 2:

q 08-01a3Copyright notice

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