September Puzzle of the Month

The answer to this month’s Puzzle of the Month is part of a familiar, and useful, rhyme. We present it as a two-diagram puzzle with a couple of unusual features:

(1) Usually, if a quip can be spelled out on the Quipto® rack, it can be contained in a “half-rack” (three mutually-adjacent faces of the rack). However, a few quips require a full rack — and Diagram 2 of this puzzle contains just such a quip. (Note that Diagram 2 is like a map of the two hemispheres of the globe; the cubicles and letters around the edges appear on both “halves” of the rack.)

(2) The next (but not last) word of the rhyme can actually be found in Diagram 1. (Hint: It’s a hyphenated word.)

Because of transitions taking place in your puzzlemaster’s life right now, postings in the near future will be slightly less frequent. Please stay tuned for Quipto and Quip-Find developments. And I welcome your feedback; email me at “quipfind” at (We list the email address this way to try to outsmart the email-address-gobbling bots out there on the internet.)  Jim

Diagram 1:

q 09-02d

q 09-02a

Diagram 2:

q 09-02c

q 09-01a3aCopyright notice

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