Joan Rivers: R.I.P.

British Academy Television Awards - Arrivals


Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

Joan Rivers, pioneering comedian and television host, died yesterday at age 81. The answer to our two-diagram puzzle is something self-deprecating she said about herself.

(This is a Quip-Find first: Our first ever published puzzle in which both parts of a quip require full-rack diagrams. Notice that in such a diagram, there are no wraparounds or hidden adjacencies; the adjacencies involved are always visible in one half-rack or the other.

(When you have solved the puzzle, enjoy tracing the path of the quip as it winds back and forth between the two halves of the diagram.)

Diagram 1:

q 09-05a1q 09-05a2

Diagram 2:

q 09-05a3q 09-05a4Copyright notice

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