Marie Antoinette: At the Guillotine

marie antoinette

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793)

Sunday, November 2, will be the anniversary of the birth of Marie Antoinette, who became Queen of France and of the Navarre. She is best known for the quote, “Let them eat cake!” But our Quip-Find(TM) puzzle below features her last words, at age 37, spoken to her executioner after she stepped on his foot as she was led to the guillotine on October 16, 1793, in Place de la Revolution, Paris.

(NOTE: This puzzle involves wraparounds or “hidden adjacencies”, where letters that do not appear to be adjacent on the Quipto(R) rack actually are adjacent — on the hidden back side of the rack. In this diagram, S is adjacent to I, R is adjacent to A, and W is adjacent to E.)

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