Resumption & Renewal

In February of 2015, almost three years ago, I stopped posting on this blog/website because, as the song goes, “life got in my way.” Now I am ready to resume, and to reintroduce Quipto® puzzles to the world. (These are puzzles based on the game Quipto®; the game is still under development but we have published two books of puzzles based on the game. See the “Order Books” link above.)

During the three years in which the blog was active, the puzzles have all been Quip-FindTM puzzles: puzzles where you are given a filled-in Quip-FindTM diagram and challenged to find the hidden quip (quotation or one-liner). (See, for example, the puzzle below, headed “Persistence,” where the hidden quote is from Abraham Lincoln.)

Quip-BildTM puzzles, which we will be introducing to the public for the first time tomorrow, on this blog, are even more challenging — and thus, to many puzzle-solvers, more fun. In the meantime, though, we pick up where we left off in early 2015 — with another Quip-FindTM puzzle featuring something said on today’s date many years ago.

We plan to post at least one new puzzle here each week. We invite you to follow the blog and to enjoy the new, rejuvenated Quipto® blog and the new puzzles we will be offering here!

— Jim Rader, inventor of the game Quipto® and your puzzlemaster




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