The “World Premiere” of Quip-Bild™ Puzzles: A Long Time Ago (Quip-Bild)

Today, here on this blog, we are introducing a new kind of word puzzle to the world: Quip-Bild™ puzzles. Like the Quip-FindTM puzzles that have been featured on this blog in the past, these new puzzles are based on the 3-D word game Quipto® and they involve quips hidden on a “rack” (or diagram) as a continuous path between adjacent letters.

However, with Quip-Bild™ puzzles, you, as the solver, become the puzzle maker – you are challenged to place letters on the rack so as to spell out the given quip. These puzzles are perhaps more challenging than Quip-FindTM puzzles, but we believe that many word puzzle fans will find them even more interesting.

To find today’s Quip-BildTM puzzle, click on the heading “Puzzle Answers,” above, and  go to the answer to yesterday’s Quip-FindTM puzzle. But wait, before you do: We strongly recommend that you solve yesterday’s puzzle first, before accessing that answer and today’s puzzle – because once you see the answer, you will have effectively spoiled your opportunity to solve yesterday’s Quip-FindTM puzzle.

Tomorrow we will be posting some suggestions about how to solve Quip-BildTM puzzles. In the meantime, again, we suggest that you check out – and solve – yesterday’s Quip-FindTM puzzle below, since the challenge of today’s Quip-Bild™ puzzle is for you to create yesterday’s puzzle – for you to figure out how to place that quip on the Quipto® rack.

More tomorrow.

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