Replacement Puzzle of the Month for May

…Worked out the May Quipto last night – but quote seemed to leave one word out.  I got “Life is the proper binge”.  Is that right?  I found references to Julia Child saying “Life itself is the proper binge.”

Just getting started with solving these – but sure enjoy them.  I’m finding that making a list of words I see in the cube helps to make initial choices.  Not sure what strategies others use….

Jane D., Vermont

You have a good eye, Jane – and a good ear.  Yes, indeed, I did miscopy the Julia Child quotation, omitting the important word “itself”.  Thanks for catching my error.  (Actually, the full, correct quote is “impossible”; it can’t be spelled out on the Quipto® rack.)

In compensation for the misquote, we are offering the new Puzzle of the Month for May below; we hope that everyone enjoys it.  (And we guarantee that this quote is accurate!)

Solving Reminder: All the puzzles that we have published so far are “half-rack” puzzles – those that involve only three mutually-adjacent faces of the Quipto® rack.  The puzzles don’t really involve a third dimension, with one exception:

In exactly three cases, “cubicles” that don’t appear to be adjacent actually are – on the hidden back side of the rack.  Thus, in the puzzle below, D is adjacent to O, U is adjacent to S, and L is adjacent to G.  (We call this phenomenon a “hidden adjacency” or a “wraparound”.)

The puzzle below happens to involve two of these three wraparounds.


(BTW:  Does anyone out there have any solving strategies to share with Jane?  Please feel free to share them on this blog.  Thanks.  Jim)



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