Sinclair Lewis: This Time of Year

Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951)

(Image: U.S. postage stamp issued in 1985)

Tomorrow is the birthday of the American novelist, short story writer and playwright Sinclair Lewis, born February 7, 1885. A native of Minnesota, he was the author of more than twenty novels, including Main Street, Babbitt, Elmer Gantry and It Can’t Happen Here. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930, becoming the first writer from the U.S. to be so honored.

Today’s two-diagram Quip-FindTM puzzle features something timely he said about the northern climate.





Now it is your turn to be the puzzle-builder! You try to place each of the two parts of the Lewis quote onto the Quipto® rack. (Difficulty: (1) ★★; (2) ★)  (Again, for suggestions about how to solve Quip-Bild puzzles, see our November 27, 2017, post, “How to Solve Quip-Bild Puzzles: A Brief Guide,” in the November 2017 archives.)

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