Susan B. Anthony: Dominance

Susan B. Anthony (February 15, 1820 – March 13, 1906)

With today’s posting, we offer a couple of firsts: (1) The Quip-FindTM puzzle involves, in the second part of the Anthony quote, a full-rack diagram, which includes all six faces of the Quipto® rack; and (2) the Quip-BildTM puzzle is our most difficult yet — both parts of the quote are quite difficult to “enquipt” onto the rack.

In honor of the “Me Too” movement, the continuing struggle for equal opportunity and equal pay for women, and the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, we present today a two-part puzzle (parts (1) and (2), below) featuring a quote from the great social reformer and women’s rights activist who played a leading role in the women’s suffrage movement. (Difficulty: ★★★)












Now, having solved the puzzle above (or peeked at the answer?), it is your turn to be the puzzle builder. Warning: The two parts of the Anthony quote are probably the hardest Quip-BildTM puzzles we have offered yet. (Difficulty: (1) ★★★★★; (2) (only a full-rack solution is possible) ★★★★★.)

(Again, we now provide a guide to how to solve Quip-Bild puzzles; you will find it in a drop-down menu under the “Quip-Bild Puzzles” tab above. And we have also posted, under the same tab, blank diagrams — both half-rack and full-rack — that you can print out and use to enter and thus check your Quip-BildTM solutions.)

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