Alfred North Whitehead: The Nature of Knowledge

Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947)

(Fair use: Photo by Richard Carver Wood taken in 1936 for Harvard University.)

This week we are offering an encore puzzle appearance: a Quip-Find puzzle from our 2012 book, When Eating an Elephant: The 2nd Quip-Find Puzzle Book of Advice. Hidden in the rack diagram below is a quote from Alfred North Whitehead, the British-American mathematician and philosopher. (Difficulty: ★★)

(Please note that we offer an “optional hint” for each Quip-Find puzzle; you will find a link to these hints in the drop-down menu under the tab “Quip-FindTM Puzzles,” above.)

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Now you be the puzzlemaster: Try to place the Whitehead quote (the answer to the Quip-Find puzzle above) onto a blank Quipto® rack. (Instructions on how to solve Quip-Bild puzzles and printable rack diagrams will be found under the “Quip-BildTM Puzzles” tab above.) (Difficulty: ★★)

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