In Memoriam: Famous Last Words

This is a challenging three-part, five-quip puzzle that features the dying words of a writer who expired 66 years ago today.  In Part A, (1) is the name of the writer and (2) is the person to whom the words were spoken.  In Parts B and C, (3) and (5) are the writer’s last words, and (4) describes (2)’s response to (3).

Confused yet?  All will become clear as you solve the puzzle.

[Note: In a multi-part puzzle, each rack diagram is complete in itself and relates only to the cryptograms under it.  However, the cryptograms continue the same “code” — for example, “4” in cryptograms (3), (4), and (5) stands for the same letter as “4” in cryptograms (1) and (2).]

Part A:

Part B:

Part C:

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