Paul Krugman: A Response to Idealism

Paul Krugman (Image: Alex Wong/Getty. Fair use.)

Today, February 28, is the 65th birthday of Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning American economist, professor (at New York University), and columnist for the New York Times. Our Quip-Find puzzle below features a hidden quotation from Krugman, a maxim he has repeated from time to time. (Difficulty: ★★★)

(When you have solved the puzzle, check the answer (see the drop-down menu under the tab, “Quip-FindTM Puzzles,” above) to read Krugman’s explication of this quote.)








Now it is your turn to create the puzzle, “enquipting” the Krugman quote featured today. (For a guide to solving Quip-Bild puzzles, see the drop-down menu under the tab, “Quip-BildTM Puzzles,” above.) (Difficulty: ★★★★)

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