Mario Draghi: Friendship

Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bank

(Image: World Economic Forum 2013)

Our puzzles today feature a quotation from today’s New York Times; in fact, the Times has selected it as their “Quote of the Day.” See if you can find Mr. Draghi’s comment on the latest U.S. political developments; it is hidden in the two Quipto® diagrams below and can be found with the help of the accompanying cryptograms. (Difficulty: ★★★.)

Now you try to put each of the two parts of the Draghi quote onto the Quipto® rack. (Difficulty: (1) ★★★★; (2) ★★.)

Suggestions on how to solve Quip-Bild puzzles will be found in the drop-down menu under the tab “Quip-BildTM Puzzles,” above. 

NOTE: Quip-Find puzzle answers will found in the drop-down menu under the tab “Quip-FindTM Puzzles,” above. As for “answers” to Quip-Bild puzzles, one solution is the diagram in the corresponding Quip-Find puzzle. Your solution may differ, but as long as it works (i.e., as long as the quote is spelled out as one continuous path between adjacent letters on the diagram), your solution is a valid one.

GUIDE TO DIFFICULTY RATINGS: = Easy; almost trivial difficulty; ★★ = Fairly Easy; ★★★ = Medium; average difficulty; ★★★★ = Fairly Difficult; challenging but not really difficult to solve; ★★★★★ = Difficult; can be solved only with considerable effort!

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