Truman Capote: Last Words

Capote in 1959

Photo credit: Roger Higgins

The journalist and author Truman Capote, who pioneered the “non-fiction novel” with his book In Cold Blood, died at age 59 on this date in 1884. In Cold Blood told the story of the murders of the Clutter family in rural Kansas.

 Today’s Quip-Find puzzle features Capote’s last words. [Note: The fourth word in this quote is a proper name: Capote’s aunt’s nickname for him.] (Difficulty: ★ out of 5.)

Now it’s your turn to fit Truman Capote’s last words into a Quipto® diagram. [For printable diagrams, go to “Guide to the Puzzles” – “Quip-BildTMPuzzles” – “Printable Diagrams”.] (Difficulty: ★.)

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