John McCain, RIP

Senator John McCain (1936-2018)

(Image: Official Photo)

Senator John McCain, a decent man, and (in spite of some detractors) a true war hero, died yesterday at his Arizona home. In his honor, we offer today two separate sets of Quipto® puzzles featuring McCain quotations.

(A) The first two puzzles (Quip-Find and Quip-Bild) feature something philosophical McCain said about what determines the quality of one’s life. (Difficulty: ★★★ out of 5.)

(NOTE: In the second diagram in this puzzle, there is one “wraparound” or “hidden adjacency”: Even though they do not appear to be adjacent, Y is adjacent to O, R is adjacent to I, and W is adjacent to P — in each case, on the hidden back side of the Quipto rack. For more on wraparounds, see “Guide to the Puzzles” – “Quip-Find Puzzles” – “‘Wraparounds'”, above.)










Now it is your turn to be the puzzlemaster and place the two parts of our first McCain quote on Quipto® diagrams. (Difficulty: (1) ★★★; (2)★★★★★.)

(NOTE: For printable Quipto diagrams, go to “Guide to the Puzzles” – “Quip-BildTM Puzzles” – Printable Diagrams”, above.)


(B) Our second set of Quipto® puzzles for today feature something more humorous that McCain said in response to President George H. W. Bush’s remarks on first meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in June 2001. (Difficulty: ★★★★.)




Now it is your turn to place the two parts of our second McCain quote on Quipto® diagrams. (Difficulty: (1) ★★★; (2) ★.)

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