Optional Quip-Find™ Puzzle Hints

August 2018

John McCain, RIP: (A) 17=K; (B) 15=G

Truman Capote: Last Words: 6=B

Aretha Franklin, RIP: 12=V

June 2018

Muhammad Ali: Approach to Life: 11=S

George Carlin: Herd Mentality: 18=G

Edward Snowden: Liberty: 12=F

Robert F. Kennedy: The Appeal of Populism: 15=Y

May 2018

Joe Namath: Compensation: 12=S

Tom T. Hall: Preferences: 13=C

Jeannette Rankin: Disaster: 15=K

James Brown: Last Words: 10=H

April 2018

Benjamin Disraeli: Writer’s Boast: 10=D

FDR: Last Words: 10=D

Martin Luther King, Jr.: 15=N

March 2018

Beethoven: Last Words: 7=R

Chinua Achebe: Incitement: 17=G

Stephen Hawking: R.I.P.: First puzzle: 11=P; second puzzle: 10=N

Mario Draghi: Friendship: 18=M

James Buchanan Eads: Last Words: 15=W

Alexander Graham Bell: First Call: 12=I

Wilbur Ross: On President Trump: 15=R

February 2018

Paul Krugman: A Response to Idealism: 13=P

Alfred North Whitehead: The Nature of Knowledge: 8=E

Susan B. Anthony: Dominance: 17=C

Ben Hecht: Valentine’s Day: 11=R

Sinclair Lewis: This Time of Year: 12=P

January 2018

Marie Antoinette: Gracious Last Words: 12=U

Winston Churchill: Crucial: 16=R

Michelle Obama: Ringside Opinion: 17=V

Betty White: Aging: 11=B

Alexander Hamilton: Principles: 15=Y

Cicero & Hawking: Optimism: 11=P

December 2017

Sir Isaac Newton: Gravity: 13=D

Final Words: 6=H

George Washington: Association: 12=D

November 2017

Willa Cather: Life’s Lessons (Quip-Find): 15=B

Winston Churchill: Sacrifice (Quip-Find): 9=G

JFK, RIP (Quip-Find): 13=W

A Long Time Ago: Quip-Find: 11=V

February 2015

Abraham Lincoln: Persistence: 16=V

January 2015

In Memoriam: Lest We Forget: 16=N

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA: January 7: Advice for the New Year: 11=V

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA: January 6: On to Victory: 12=B


NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA: January 4: Metamorphosis: 15=D

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA: January 3: A More Immediate Focus: 12=D

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA: January 2: Try, Try Again: 13=F

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA: January 1: Anniversary: 11=M

December 2014


NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA! – No. 6: Promotion: 10=Y

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA! – No. 5: Warning!: 1=F

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA! – No. 4: Rejuvenation: 1=G

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA! – No. 3: Appropriate: 2=G

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA! – No. 2: Novelty: 20=B

NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA! – No. 1: Fresh Start: 13=S

Benjamin Disraeli: Makes Things Worse: 13=G

Minority Report: Bah Humbug!: 11=G

Puzzle of the Month: Out of Season: 15=I

November 2014

Voice: 14=D

October 2014

Marie Antoinette: At the Guillotine: 12=U

Malala Yousafzai: What’s Needed: 14=P

Jimmy Carter: Basic Need: 15=F

September 2014

T. S. Eliot: Capacity: 16=Y

Joan Rivers: R.I.P.: 20=B

September Puzzle of the Month: 14=J

August 2014

Robin Williams: R.I.P.: 11=W

August Puzzle of the Month: A Puzzling Riddle:  Again, 9=W

July 2014

George Bernard Shaw: Hobbyists:  10=C

R.I.P. James Garner: Mortality: 15=R

Ernest Hemingway: Brave Definition: 10=N

In Memoriam: Nadine Gordimer: 11=I

Harrison Ford on Acting: 14=G

The Dalai Lama: Lesson:  15=Y

July Puzzle of the Month: Forthcoming Statement: 15=V

June 2014

Historic Difficulty: (a) 9=F; (b) The event occurred 100 years ago, on June 28, 1914.

Foreign Matter: 10=M

Chet Atkins: Driving Force: 15=U

Sally Ride: The Heavens: 16=Y

James Joyce: Bloomsday 110 Years Later: Puzzle 1: 13=G; Puzzle 2: 15=C

Last Words: Thomas Paine: 1=L

June Puzzle of the Month: 12=D  (Extra hint:  The first two words in each of the three sentences are capitalized.)

May 2014

R.I.P.– Maya Angelou: 15=D

Bob Dylan: Poverty: 1=W

Rushing the Season: 12=L

Nelson Mandela: Liberty: 11=G

Puzzle of the Month — May: 16=B

April 2014

Ella Fitzgerald: What’s Important: 12=C

Sir John Gielgud: Accomplishment: 3=F

David Letterman:  What’s Expected: 17 = B

March 2014

Ludwig van Beethoven:  Last Words:  7=R

Pi Day / Albert Einstein’s Birthday: 15=K

The Very First Telephone Call: 13=Y

February 2014

Last Words of an Innovator: 8=J

Happy Presidents’ Day: 5=D

Charles Schultz: His Final “Peanuts” Cartoon: 20=M

Woodrow Wilson: Last Words: 12=W

January 2014

So Long, Pete, It’s Been Good to Know Yuh!: 8=V

George Orwell: Not Facing Up: 7=N

Katie Couric: Venturing: 4=H

December 2013

The Christmas Spirit: (A) 12=U; (B) 11=D

Benjamin Disraeli: Progeny: 8=L

Roald Amundsen: Success at the South Pole:  3=P

R.I.P.: Nelson Mandela: 18=K

Bette Midler: Can’t Tell: 6=K

November 2013

Coincidence!: 11=B

John F. Kennedy: Final Conversation:  Puzzle 1: 16=V; Puzzle 2: 11=L

Georgia O’Keeffe: Fulfillment: 13=B

Katharine Hepburn: Outcome: 11=K

Albert Camus: The Human Race: 9=I

October 2013

Panicked: Puzzle No. 1: 11=R; Puzzle No. 2: 10=Y

What, Me Worry?: 14=G

Lou Reed: RIP: 9=H

Teddy Roosevelt: Far Out: 16=C

Last Words: Bing Crosby: 9=M

Robert E. Lee: Evil: 11=M

Congratulations, Alice Munro!: 9=L

Elmore Leonard: Author’s Craft: 8=D

Leader Lost: 200th Anniversary: 14=B

Tom Clancy: How It Starts: 6=B

September 2013

T. S. Eliot: Acquisition: 11=L

Stephen King: Method: 9=D

Creighton Abrams: War: 15=F

Bernie Sanders: Legislative Mission: 15=L

In Memoriam: David Frost: 17=G

August 2013

In Memoriam: Seamus Heaney: 15=W

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The “I Have a Dream” Speech: 10=K

Last Words: Funny to the Very End: 18=X

Steve Wozniak: Advice: 9=B

Andy Warhol: The Human Condition: 14=T

Last Words: Horace Mann: 1=S

July 2013

Mick Jagger: Excess: 1=A

President Obama on the Zimmerman Verdict: 10=C

Red Skelton: Legislation: 11=T

Belated Happy Birthday, Malala Yousafzai!: 8=A

E. B. White: Choosing: 14=P

Last Words: Nostradamus: 12=G

June 2013

Surveillance: 12=C

Lou Gehrig: Fortune: 17=A

Joyce Carol Oates: Ending: 1=D

Last Words: Emperor Nero: 1=W

Thomas Mann: Significance: 5=D

May 2013

Near-Riot of Spring: 10=L

Memorial Day Reflection: 9=K

Pope Francis: The World Economy: 5=Y

Woody Herman: Happy 100th: 17=W

Stonewall Jackson: Last Words: 9=V

Dr. Benjamin Spock: Self-Knowledge: 13=M

April 2013

Robert Penn Warren: Fortune: 16=D

News Item: 10=K

Attorney’s Opinion: 6=K

Thomas Jefferson: Essential:  4=W

Bette Davis: Payoff: 8=Y

March 2013

Tennessee Williams: The Secret: 7=B

John Updike: Ignorance: 10=A

Albert Einstein: Human Knowledge: 17=K

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Reckoning: 15=Y

February 2013

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Gone Wrong: 9=G

Tennessee Williams: Motivation: 17=L

Erma Bombeck: Housekeeping: 16=B

A Special Puzzle for Today: 12=D

Abraham Lincoln: Staying the Course: 10=P

January 2013

Robert Frost: Epitaph: 11=V

Sir Isaac Newton: Natural Law: 12=M

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Blunt Tool: 13=V

A. A. Milne: Dialogue: 16=F

Muhammad Ali: The Art of Boxing: 17=D

Anton Chekhov: Snap: 10=M

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Trend: 14=V

Peyton Manning: Opportunity: 6=G

Edmund Burke: Giving In: 12=K

Alexander Hamilton: Aging: 7=X

December 2012

Simone de Beauvoir: Definition: 8=M

Richard Nixon: The Law: 13=M

Isaac Asimov: Transmutation: 4=V

Willa Cather: Communication: 19=U

Bette Midler: Reliability: 6=K

Konrad Adenauer: 3=H

Bon Voyage, 2012; Rest In Peace: 12=H

Denzel Washington: Puzzle 1: 12=N; Puzzle 2: 14=L

A Christmas Eve Toast: 11=P

George Eliot II: 1=C

George Eliot: 13=H

Benjamin Disraeli: 8=L

Elvis Presley: 12=M

Publishing Milestone: 7=T

Keith Richards: 13=K

Off the Ground: 8=G

Jane Austen: 8=G

Sitting Bull: 14=H

Roald Amundsen: 11=J

Gustave Flaubert II: 12=R

Gustave Flaubert: 12=O

Emily Dickinson II: 11=N

Emily Dickinson: 16=D

Anthem: 14=G

In Memoriam: John Lennon: 9=D

Abraham Lincoln — Aftermath: 14=Y

Abraham Lincoln: 9=P

Leonard Cohen: 8=D

Joseph Conrad: 11=O

Lee Trevino: 11=U

November 2012

David Mamet: 12=G

Louisa May Alcott: 15=C

Jon Stewart: 8=J

Jimi Hendrix: 10=N

Charles Schulz: Perspective: 17=K

Andrew Carnegie: 14=G

Charles Darwin: 14=H

Earthshaking Event: 7=T

Rodney Dangerfield: 15=H

Voltaire: 6=E

Nadine Gordimer: 6=C

Guest Puzzle: Forecast: 12=G

Margaret Atwood: 4=D

Shelby Foote: 11=J

Paul Hindemith: 16=T

Georgia O’Keeffe: 12=K

Lech Walesa: 11=K

Robert Louis Stevenson: 12=H

Katharine Hepburn: 11=K

Fyodor Dostoyevsky: 13=O

Martin Luther: 11=Y

Carl Sagan: 12=K

Cold Mountain Wisdom: 15=K

Albert Camus: 15=G

…Of the People…: 4=G

Election Results: 11=M

John Keats: 16=V

Daniel Boone: 16=W

Art Opening: 8=R

October 2012

Protest: 12=A

Hallowe’en Eve Special: 17=M

Headline: 1618: 11=X

Teddy Roosevelt: 3=E

Face-Off: 11=L

Attack!: 10=W

On This Date: Subversion: 12=U

Franz Liszt: 9=E

Historic Weekend: 15=G

John le Carré: 5=K

In Memoriam: Thomas Edison: 10=D

Put Away: 16=X

Oscar Wilde: 15=M

Dwight D. Eisenhower: 10=H

Martin Luther King Jr.: 5=M

Robert E. Lee: 11=M

Heroism on Lake Champlain: 15=S

Superman: 17=R

Defeat: 13=I

“Cause” — and Effect: 13=F

Garrison Keillor: (A) 9=B; (B) 8=F

Advice from Cervantes: (A) 9=U; (B) 12=V

Woody on Political Name-Calling: 11=K

In Memoriam: Bessie Smith & Janis Joplin: (A) 6=P; (B) 10=L

Headlines — 1951 and 1995: (A) 1=G; (B) 10=Q

Wallace Stevens, Poet: (A) 10=N; (B) 15=A

Jimmie Carter: 15=F

September 2012

Robinson Crusoe: 12=W

Lord Horatio Nelson: 10=Q

Two Writers on Writing: (A) 7=R; (B) 11=L

F. Scott Fitzgerald: (A) 10=V; (B) 10=E

Ray Charles: R.I.P.: (A) 9=E; (B) 12=U

Reply: 10=L

Famous Last Words: (A) 8=C; (B) 17=C

Stephen King: The Reason Why: 9=D

H. G. Wells: Eventuality: 9=A

In Memoriam: Steve Sabol: 12=P

Georg Hegel: Encore: 10=G

Dag Hammarskjold: Man of Peace: (1) 8=H; (2) 14=W

William Carlos Williams: On Poetry: (1) 12=L; (2) 13=M

Guest Puzzlemaster — David Hoag: Illumination: 15=L

Marco Polo: Merchant of Venice: (1) 12=C; (2) 10=D

Stilled by Accident: 10=L

Roald Dahl: Affirmation: 13=C

H. L. Mencken: Democracy: 14=G

“Headlines”: Over a Century Apart: (1) 11=S; (2) 8=M

Lyrics for Liquor: 7=D

Bear Bryant: Secret: 12=M

Stephen Jay Gould: Reincarnation?: 16=N

Parting Words: 14=T

Charlie Sheen: Affliction: 9=R

Puzzle of the Month: 15=U

Lily Tomlin: The Human Condition: 13=N

August 2012

Alan Jay Lerner: Making It Big: 14=L

Eldridge Cleaver: Sole Survivor: 13=P

Ted Williams: How-To: 12=C

Headline: 30 B.C.E.: 15=N

Charles F. Kettering: Good Start: 16=V

Leo Tolstoy: Definition: 6=M

Guest Puzzle: Bon Voyage: 14=T

Neil Armstrong: In Memoriam: 15=G

LBJ: The Cost of Preserving Dignity: 16=C

Georg Hegel: Accountability: 17=M

Mother Teresa: Way of Being: 12=R

Happy Birthday!: Leonard Bernstein: 15=P

In Memoriam: Truman Capote: 11=P

Happy Birthday!: A. S. Byatt: 12=Y

On This Date: Disaster: 14=G

Happy Birthday!: Walt Kelly: 9=Y

Happy Birthday!: Edgar Lee Masters: 4=K

In Memoriam: Phyllis Diller: 18=B

Happy Birthday!: Ray Bradbury: 12=P

Happy Birthday!: Distinction: 14=I

Author’s Ambition: 17=L

Happy Birthday!: Hair-Splitter: 15=R

Puzzle…: 10=Y

Snide Birthday Greetings: 17=R

Vermont Holiday: 12=Y

Happy Birthday!: Julia Child: 6=H

Happy Birthday!: Edna Ferber: 11=Y

Happy Birthday!: Alfred Hitchcock: 13=F

In Memoriam: Mickey Mantle: 16=F

Happy Birthday!: Romantic Poet: 15=D

On This Date: Eloquent Ex-Slave: 13=J

Birthday!: Herbert Hoover: 18=F

On This Date: Berlin, 1936: 14=L

On This Date: Unprecedented: 11=D

Happy Birthday!: Andy Warhol: 12=F

In Memoriam: Gore Vidal: 11=P

Happy Birthday!: The Kiss: 9=V

On This Date: Embarkation: 7=M

On This Date: Coolidge Takes Oath: 14=Y

In Memoriam: First Telephone Caller: 1=M

On This Date: Deadwood Headline: 4=D

Happy Birthday!: Author: 7=B

Happy Birthday!: Explorer: 12=F

On This Date: Momentous: 11=Y

Happy Birthday!: Author, Author! 16=S

Happy Birthday!: Henry Ford: (1) 12=M; (2) 13=N

In Memoriam: Vincent van Gogh: 9=P

Happy Birthday!: Jackie’s Reflection: 16=S

In Memoriam: Creative Genius: 12=M

A Special Puzzle for Today: 14=B

In Memoriam: Famous Last Words: 12=C

Happy Birthday!: Standings: (A) 13=B; (B) 10=H

Happy Birthday!: GBS: 12=N

Happy Birthday!: Carl Jung: (A) 12=S; (B) 12=P

Happy Birthday!: 34 Candles: 5=S

Happy Birthday!: Alexandre Dumas: 13=K

On This Date: Relief: 13=F

Happy Birthday!: Author: 6=G

Happy Birthday!: Communicator: 12=L

On This Day: First: 14=I

On This Day: Discovery: 7=A

Happy Birthday!: Requirement: 11=G

Happy Birthday!: Aging: 7=L

In This Day: Immortal: 16=V

In Memoriam: Royalty: 2=I

On This Day: Above It All: 12=B

On This Day: Directions: 14=F

In Memoriam: Tough but Tender: 15=L

In the News: Finally: 10=B

The July PRIZE PUZZLE Contest: 13=N

In the News: Concern: 13=R

In the News: Revival: 4=S

In Memoriam V: 10=O

In Memoriam IV: 18=C

Extra: Taking the Measure: 13=R

Quip-Find Puzzle of the Month for July: Puzzle 1: 8=Y; Puzzle 2: 5=C; Puzzle 3: 15=V

In Memoriam III: 13=D

Introducing: Our Puzzle Contest!:  3=T


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