Quip-Find™ Puzzles

Quip-FindTM puzzles are based on the principles of the game Quipto®. (See the link, “About the Game Quipto®.”) The Quip-Find puzzle solver is given a Quipto diagram (or often two) filled in with letters — 19 letters if a diagram represents a “half rack”, or all 26 letters of the alphabet if a diagram represents a “full rack”. (Full-rack puzzles are fairly rare; if a quip can be embedded on the Quipto rack, usually it can be placed on a half rack.)

The solver’s objective is to find the quip (typically an adage or a quotation) hidden in  the diagram(s); the quip is spelled out as a continuous path between letters that are adjacent on the rack. (Suggestions about how to solve these puzzles can be found in “How to Solve Quip-FindTM Puzzles” in the drop-down menu under this tab.)

With each Quip-Find puzzle we offer an optional hint, intended for the solver who wishes a little bit of help; a link to these hints will be found in the drop-down menu under the current tab. A link to puzzle answers can be found in the same drop-down menu.