Quip-Find™ Puzzles

Quip-Find™ puzzles are printable versions of the Quipto® cube game, providing the challenge on paper. It’s based on three sides of a cube (flattened). On our blog page, you’ll find one or two diagrams, along with the puzzles’ topic or theme. The first is Quip-Find™, and is filled with 19 letters. 19 letters represents a “half rack.” (A “full rack” diagram would include 26 letters of the alphabet, but these puzzles are rare, since they are designed for a game cube, and can be tricky to print.)

The puzzle objective is to find the quip (a quotation, aphorism or other statement) hidden in the diagram; the quip is spelled out as a continuous path between letters that are adjacent on the rack. The challenge is to find the quip, with the help of a cryptogram.

With each Quip-Find puzzle we offer an optional hint, intended for the solver who wishes a little bit of help. See “Quip-Find™ Puzzle Hints.”