Quip-Bild™ Puzzles

Like Quip-FindTM puzzles, Quip-BildTM puzzles are based on the principles of the game Quipto®. As the puzzle solver, you are given a quip (typically an adage or a quotation, usually the answer to an accompanying Quip-FindTM puzzle) and are challenged “to become the puzzlemaster” — to figure out how to embed that quip as a continuous path between letters you’ve placed in the “cubicles” of the Quipto rack diagram.

We rate our Quip-Bild puzzles for difficulty, from easy (★) to hard (★★★★★).

Almost always there are several possible solutions to a Quip-Bild puzzle; if your solution works (that is, if you can spell out the quip on the rack diagram in your  solution), then your solution is a valid one. The accompanying Quip-Find puzzle offers, of course, one valid solution.