About the Game – Quipto®

The game Quipto® uses the surface of a 3x3x3 cube as its “game board.” Most people will be familiar with such a cube through their experience with the well-known color game apparatus, Rubik’s Cube®. Incidentally, Erno Rubik invented his cube in 1974, about four years after the invention of Quipto®.

Quipto® consists of a “rack” and 26 letter cubes (one for each letter of the alphabet). These letter cubes can be places into the rack to spell out words in a continuous path of adjacent letters. It is easy to spell out almost any word this way. But it’s more challenging to spell a whole sentence or “quip” in one continuous path.

(It has been calculated that, allowing for all the symmetries of the Quipto rack, there are 8.3 trillion trillion (8.4 x 10 (24) distinctly different possible arrangement of the 26 letters on the rack. That’s more than the estimated number of kilograms in the mass of the Earth!)

We are still working toward our dream of a commercially available Quipto® game. In the meantime, we invite you join the community of word-puzzle solvers who have purchased our books, and enjoy our printable puzzles.