Stephen Hawking: R.I.P.

Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

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Today, on Albert Einstein’s 139th birthday, we are saddened to learn of the death of the great cosmologist and physicist — and worthy successor to Einstein — Stephen Hawking. He was told at age 21 that he had only a few years to live, but he defied the odds and survived to the ripe age of 76. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is quoted today (by Fox News) as saying that Hawking’s death “has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake” with an “energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure.”

In Hawking’s honor, we are posting four Hawking-related Quipto® puzzles today: two Quip-Find puzzles, and two Quip-Bild puzzles involving the same two quips. The first Quip-Find puzzle (below) involves a Hawking quotation that seems to sum up his philosophy of life. (Difficulty: ★★★★.)  (His last name can also be found in this puzzle diagram.)








The second puzzle (below) hides the title of a 2014 movie about his life, which is also a statement of something Hawking diligently sought. Also spelled out in the diagram, as part (2) of the puzzle, is Hawking’s full name — but we have omitted the cryptogram for this, to make the puzzle a bit more challenging. (Difficulty: ★★★.)

(This second puzzle involves a “wraparound” or “hidden adjacency”: Even though they do not appear to be adjacent, O is actually adjacent of Y, L is adjacent to W, and A is adjacent to V — in each case, on the hidden back side of the cubical rack. For more on wraparounds, see pages 130-131 in “How to Solve Quip-FindTM Puzzles” in the drop-down menu under the “Quip-FindTM Puzzles” tab above.)

Happy Pi Day.





Having found the answer to the two Quip-Find puzzles above, see if you can create those puzzles. (Difficulty: First puzzle: ★★ (including “Hawking”: ★★★★); second puzzle: ★★ (including “Stephen Hawking,” ★★★★★).)

(For suggestions about how to solve Quip-Bild puzzles, click on the tab, “Quip-BildTM Puzzles,” above, and then click on “How to Solve Quip-BildTM Puzzles” in the drop-down menu.)

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