Benjamin Disraeli: Writer’s Boast

Benjamin Disraeli (1840-1881), in old age

(By Cornelius Jabez Hughes, British (1819 – 1884, London, England London, England) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


Benjamin Disraeli was a 19th Century British statesman who served twice as Prime Minister. He died on this date, April 19, in 1881.

Disraeli was also a prodigious writer who wrote, among other works, 16 novels. They received mixed reviews. Thus his boast, hidden in the two-diagram Quip-Find puzzle below, seems a bit ironic. (The author’s last name is also spelled out in the second diagram.) (Difficulty: ★★★ out of 5.)

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Now it is your turn to be the puzzle builder: After you know the Disraeli quote that is the answer to the above Quip-Find puzzle, try “enquipting” it in two Quipto® diagrams. (Difficulty: (1)★★★; (2) ★.)

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